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Pellet Smokers

A pellet smoker is a temperature controlled smoker that burns wood pellets made of dried out sawdust, about inch long and 1/4 inch wide. The wood pellets are stored in gravity fed hopper than feeds into a motor controlled by the temperature regulator. This motor pushes the pellets into an auger that sits underneath the heat box. An ignition rod within the auger ignites the pellets where a combustion fan keeps them smouldering. The motor and the combustion fan regulate the temperature of the smoker by feeding it more pellets and increasing airflow in the Auger. Above the auger is a heat shield to disperse the direct heat before it reaches the heat box to allow the wood smoke to keep the heat box at an even temperature throughout. The heat sensor inside the heat box relays the current temperature inside the box back to the temperature regulator which then controls the fan speed and pellet hopper motor which will either increase or decrease the amount of pellets in the auger or the amount of air available to the fire to maintain the desired temperature for the cook.

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