Weber Specialist Q's Vs. Weber Regular Q's

Which Weber Q is Best for you?


There are two different models of BBQ in the Weber Q Range, and three different sizes. 

Premium Specialist Q Vs Regular Q

Only your Weber specialist stores can sell the premium Q models bbq. There are three bonuses with this range, firsty, is that they have a thermometer on the lid so you can easily adjust the tempertature of the bbq which is great for when your wanting to do over style cooking such as roasts. They also have a higher lid to fit that christmas ham! Lastly they come with an electronic ignition which simply runs off a AAA battery, where as the regular model Q comes with a piezo ignition.

All these benefits and for only an extra $10! 

The regular model Q is still a great bbq for camping or if you're simply going to be grilling steaks/sausages and not doing long cooks where knowing the temperature of the bbq is critical.


Premium Q sizes                                        Regular Q Sizes

Q1200 - Baby Q                                            Q1000 - Baby Q        - $359 

Q2200 - Weber Q                                          Q2000 - Weber Q

Q3200 - Family Q                                          Q3000 - Family Q

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